Pop-up postponed

I’m so, so sorry to everyone that has expressed an interest in coming to the planned event on 28 May. Unfortunately for personal reasons I have to postpone the event to a later date. I do hope to be able to offer another date soon. I’ll post an announcement here as soon as I can. Thanks … Continue reading Pop-up postponed

May pop-up?

Beautiful sunshine has been flooding into our dining room for the last couple of weeks. The central heating has been turned off. The garden is bursting into flower. I feel it’s a good time to hold another pop-up restaurant event at my house! The last one I did, at Sparks Yard in Arundel, was a full-size … Continue reading May pop-up?

Dinner 8 June or 6 July?

I guess it’s not surprising that I’m asked for Asian food for most of my jobs. But, if you know my cooking background, you’ll understand that I miss traditional Italian home cooking.  Cucina casalinga, as it is known, is the essence of Italian cuisine, and even in Italy you find it more often in people’s … Continue reading Dinner 8 June or 6 July?